Michelle Eaton


Michelle Eaton is a composer, singer and classically trained pianist based in Cheltenham, UK.  With her enchanting melodies and a gift for arrangements that are subtle yet complex, she has written scores for countless projects, spanning film, animation, art installation, trailer and dance.  Since studying classical piano from a young age, she has gone on to work as an accompanist and solo performer for 17 years before shifting her focus to composition.  In her late twenties, she began to branch into indie folk and pop, giving her the stylistic diversity that would later come to define her compositions.

Currently working from her home studio, Michelle has composed corporate, trailer, neo-romantic and fantasy scores for Evolving Sounds, Studio McGuire and Dreambase Studios.  Influenced by everything from John Williams and Danny Elfman to underground EDM artists, Michelle is constantly expanding her sonic pallet and fine tuning her ability to enhance every project she works on.  She has an MA in Composition for Film and TV from Bristol University and an ABRSM Advanced Certificate of Performance on Piano.

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